Giterdone gas station keeps name, settles lawsuit

Giterdone gas station keeps name, settles lawsuit

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - The Giterdone gas station in Diamondhead will get to keep its name after its owner reached a settlement with Larry the Cable Guy and Git-R-Done Productions, Inc.

Daniel Lawrence Whitney, known to most as Larry the Cable Guy, and his production company filed a lawsuit against the gas station in 2015 claiming trademark infringement. The federal lawsuit claimed the name of the store and merchandise sold inside infringed on the production company's trademark registration.

Git-R-Done Productions owns 23 U.S. federal trademarks related to Whitney's famous tag line "Git-R-Done." The company said it filed the lawsuit after two cease and desist letters were ignored.

The attorney representing the store's owner, Tom Wood, said the case was set to go to trial in March, but the settlement was reached Wednesday.

"We are very happy with the settlement. He will keep the Giterdone sign," said attorney Darlene Jacobs. "The Giterdone C Store retains its name and can also keep its sign above the store."

Jacobs did say the settlement prevents Wood from selling merchandise with the Giterdone name.

"He cannot sell anything branded that might be confused with the other trademark," Jacobs said. "The purpose of the suit was to change the name of the store and take down the sign. They wanted an injunction to close him down, so we are really happy with this settlement."

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