Dog missing for 6 years reunited with family in Pascagoula

Dog missing for 6 years reunited with family in Pascagoula

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - It was a combination of preparation and a stroke of good luck that led to an emotional reunion between a little dog named Blizzy and his owners in Pascagoula. Tuesday afternoon, the Lucas family was surprised to learn that after six years missing, their pet was alive and well.

"I never thought I'd see my baby again," said Cynthia Lucas.

Back in 2011, Blizzy vanished after the family let him outside to use the restroom.

"I was crying my eyes out. I was a little kid. I was crying my eyes out. I was constantly searching for my dog," said Aaron Lucas.

Aaron Lucas said he and his family put up fliers and searched for as long as they could, even hoping he would show back up, but to no avail.

"This is a family member to us. It was hard," said Cynthia Lucas.

After losing all hope, their prayers were answered... several years later.

"I almost ran over a little white dog in the road who was standing there lost and he ran off into the side lot. So I pulled over and he ran straight to me," 
said Ginger Keenum.

Keenum, who rescues strays regularly, posted Blizzy's photo to Facebook in hopes of finding his family.

"Pretty much his hair was black from the bottom of his body down. He was covered in fleas, matted. He had puss coming out of one of his ears," said Keenum.

Ultimately it was his microchip that helped get him back where he belonged.

"Well, I was in tears before they got here and the lady could not believe that this was really happening and when she walked in they were in tears," said Keenum.

"Ecstatic. You can't really put into words. It was like we lost one of us," said Derek Lucas.

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