Tutoring program pairs struggling children with successful high school students

Tutoring program pairs struggling children with successful high school students

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Elementary school students in Biloxi who need a little extra help studying are getting a helping hand from some gifted high schoolers. It's a partnership aimed at helping them grow both in and out of the classroom.

Biloxi High School Senior Kennedy Daniels is one of those tutors. Monday afternoon, she was busy helping Pearl, a 7-year-old 2nd grader, with math.

"We're helping them figure out different types of ways to work out their problems and how to find easier ways to solve them," said Daniels.

She's tutoring students as part of a program that pairs successful high schoolers with struggling students at Gorenflo Elementary School

"Sometimes it takes a little more time to get the students to where they need to be, but we see their growth daily," said Gorenflo Elementary School Principal, Dr. Vera Robertson.

These student tutors also get paid for their services, and it's all made possible thanks to a grant from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

"We met with Allytra Perryman and discussed a grant that they have and how they can use that grant money to support our after school program," said Dr. Robertson.

"I can see a lot of kids that really want to be here and get tutored after school, which is really good. Whenever I was in school, we didn't have this type of thing," said Biloxi Senior Quivea Lampley.

"It's been a really great experience. I love teaching them and seeing how the progress is along the way, like where they started and where they are now. It's already a big growth," said Daniels.

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