George County Supervisors Give BFI Ultimatum

"These people are getting paid for a service we're not getting. We're angry," George County District One Supervisor Lit Eubanks said.

Supervisors let out their frustration on Monday morning. They asked BFI manager Tim McCloskey why garbage piled up on county streets last week.

He said some employees had called in sick. But the supervisors weren't buying it.

"I don't look at it being a driver problem. I look at it as your problem," District Two Supervisor Kelly Wright said.

McCloskey apologized saying it was an isolated incident. Supervisors disagree saying it's happened many times before.

"Day in and day out getting phone calls about your garbage not getting picked up," Eubanks said.

"They really couldn't explain the situation. They know they have a problem," Wright said.

"Excuses. That's all they've ever given us is excuses," Eubanks adds.

BFI has been collecting garbage in George County since 2000. The company's contract isn't up until October of next year. But supervisors say they'll cut it short if things don't change.

"We gave them the ultimatum. That's was their last straw," Wright said.

Supervisors say they're already considering plan B. Do it themselves.

"In the long run, we'd save money.We'd save money and save people a lot of grief," Eubanks said.

But they did give BFI one more chance, even though supervisors don't seem too optimistic.

"Well, it'll solve it for the time being. Whether it will solve it for the next year and a half, we'll just have to see," Wright added.