Gov. Bryant: DeVos 'will be a transformative leader' for Dept. of Education

Gov. Bryant: DeVos 'will be a transformative leader' for Dept. of Education

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - President Donald Trump's controversial Secretary of Education nominee, Betsy DeVos, is getting a little support from Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. 
In an opinion piece published Monday by The Hill, a nonpartisan political newspaper and website, Bryant wrote that DeVos has the "ideas, vision and leadership" needed to serve as Secretary of Education.

"In recent conversations with Mrs. DeVos, her passion for kids is evident. She exhibits an urgency to tackle the devastation that chronically underperforming schools have had on generations of children and a determination to create options for parents who desperately want their children to have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful and lead fulfilling lives," Gov. Bryant wrote.

Bryant went on to write that, "Mississippi has become an ambassador of innovation in education."

"As chairman-elect of the Education Commission of the States, I am looking forward to working with Ms. DeVos to advance states' educational agendas and to help parents make the best educational choices for their children."

As of 1:45pm Monday, Governor Bryant had received a mostly negative response to the endorsement on his Facebook page.

Jenny Leonard Box commented on the post, "Governor Bryant, I am a Mississippian and an educator. I have never lived outside of this state. I have worked in the public schools, community colleges, and now at a university in Mississippi. I am adamantly opposed to DeVos as the Secretary of Education. Her lack of expertise in the field and ideology will not benefit all of the students in our state."

This isn't the first time Bryant has spoken out in favor of DeVos's nomination. Back in December, he first posted on social media about meeting DeVos, and looking forward to working with her once confirmed.

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