Hancock County Residents Want Traffic Light On Lower Bay Road

It's considered one of the most dangerous intersections in Hancock County. Lower Bay Road and Highway 90 has seen its share of accidents over the years. In fact, in the past 2 years there were 45 accidents in that location. Three of those resulted in people losing their lives.

Some of the folks who travel through the intersection say a traffic light would help save lives. Heart breaking memories resurface every time Wanda Sprouse travels through the Lower Bay Road Highway 90 intersection. Her mother was killed in a car accident in 1997.

Sprouse says, "They were coming across to turn here to get onto Lower Bay Road and a car came up from up Highway 90 and broad sided them and killed my Mom instantly. You never think your going to go that way especially a family member it really tore us all up. My sister still won't turn and come down this way."

Michael Cuevas owns two businesses at the corner of Lower Bay and 90. He has witnessed a number of accidents and a number of near misses. Cuevas says, " You hear tires braking everyday out here but they don't hit but I guarantee you every 2 months there's a bad accident right here."

Cuevas and others say a red light or at least a caution light would slow drivers down and make the intersection a safer place to travel. Cuevas adds, " It's getting worse it's getting worse everyday the traffic keeps increasing."

Hancock County Sheriff Steve Garber says its a situation State Department of Transportation leaders should take a serious look at. Garber says, " Anytime your loosing lives or serious injuries and all as many as we're having, Its got to be addressed it's a safety hazard."

Garber says he knows many of the accidents are caused by careless or reckless drivers but he says with more traffic than ever before on the road, the time is now to address the problem.

State Department Of Transportation District Engineer Ricky Lee told WLOX News a traffic study on adding additional turning bays at the intersection showed they were not warranted. However, he went on to say a new traffic safety study would be conducted to see if the intersection meets the State's criteria for a traffic light.