Crawfish season kicks off in full swing

Crawfish season kicks off in full swing
(Photo Source: WLOX News)

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - It's the time of the year for mudbugs, and people aren't wasting time getting their hands on the bright red treats.

"When it's in season we're looking forward to get it. Sometimes it doesn't matter what the price is, we just get it," said crawfish shopper Tim Nguyen who picked up three sacks on Sunday.

Nguyen says the $200 price tag is worth it because crawfish season is something he and his family look forward to each year.

"The taste of it, it's just the taste and the texture of it, and it's just very good. It's just a southern thing," said Nguyen.

And, he's not alone. It's why shops like Tarantos in D'Iberville make sure to have plenty of the southern delicacy - which is made even easier by the favorable weather conditions this winter - in stock.

"When it's warm out, the crawfish is better when it's warm," said Nguyen. "So hopefully we'll get nice size crawfish,"

Nguyen's advise for the season: "Get a whole bunch of crawfish get a whole bunch of people together and have it and enjoy."

Crawfish season usually lasts until July.

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