OS Mayor responds following social media gaffe

OS Mayor responds following social media gaffe

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran taking heat after a comment she made Wednesday night. That comment already shared hundreds of times with over 200 comments. Many people clobbering the mayor's post saying it was a poor choice of words. Now the mayor is firing back saying the entire post of taken out of context.

A comment about the military by Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran on her Facebook page drew widespread criticism this week.

It all started Wednesday when the mayor, upset about talks of federal funding being cut for public programs like the National Endowment of the Arts, 
asked her facebook friends if programs like the NEA is important to them.

Gary Smithey commented on her post, saying he served in the military and worked his whole life and doesn't expect special favors.

The mayor said she responded to his comment sarcastically.

Here's what she said:

When you get right down to it – military is a public program too! What about just going back to the true liberals – the ones like Thomas Payne – "Common Sense" – call to arms when every man can pull their gun and come a-running over the hill to defend the land against the tyrant King! Who needs and organized military anyway? That's just a waste of taxpayer dollars! Don't TREAD on ME!

Looking back it's decision she wishes she had done differently.

"I regret it now, but I was just being sarcastic. How anyone can actually construe that, that I was seriously meaning to cut government 
spending on the military is unfathomable to me. Quite the contrary I very much respect our military and my point was that just completely 
abolishing arts programs is about as short sided as abolishing our military," the mayor explained.

She said the screen shot that was shared doesn't show the entire conversation and therefore taken wildly out of context.

"I think we always take things out of context for sure. But if you look at it plainly, definitely I can see my brother for example,
he's an officer in the Navy and I think he'd probably get a little offended," said Chris Mouser.

"Hopefully if she apologizes she will gain back some respect, but unfortunately I'm afraid her image might have been hit," said Anora Walper.

On Friday the mayor issued an apology explaining her reasoning behind the post on Facebook.

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