Action Report: Biloxi condemns property

Action Report: Biloxi condemns property

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A single mother and her 10-year-old daughter hoped to make a fresh start until she could find a job and moved into a trailer on Baker St. in Biloxi.

Christina Hayes and her daughter moved into the trailer last Wednesday after meeting with the property manager.

"I depended on this whenever this guy said he would help me. I depended on the fact that he would come to fix the things like he said so it would be livable," said Hayes.

Hayes soon realized the conditions were not suitable for her or her disabled daughter. She called WLOX News Now and the city code office.

The only power to the trailer is an electrical cord running from another nearby trailer. Inside, a tangle of extension cords run to a small heater.

"This is our heater," said Hayes. "It's not the best, but it works a little bit."

A Crock Pot is her only means of cooking, because there's no stove.

"We still cook, because I love to cook. We have red beans here. I have a skillet I use, and it all just plugs into here. As long as I don't plug them in at the same time, it's OK," said Hayes.

The man in charge of enforcing building codes in Biloxi said this place is not OK. We contacted Community Development Director Jerry Creel about Hayes' living conditions. He agreed to come take a look.

"It's in very bad shape, has a number of violations that don't meet the property maintenance code," said Creel.

When Creel looked at the circuit breaker box, he was shocked.

"It looks like an accident waiting to happen, and when my code officer gets here, we'll probably (put up a sign indicating) this as it's not suitable for habitat right now until a significant number of repairs are made," said Creel.

Hayes is hoping to turn her life around to make living conditions better.

"I'm just looking for me and my daughter someplace to sleep that we can afford so we don't end up in this situation again," said Hayes.

Creel said if you're living in conditions similar to this in Biloxi, contact the Biloxi code office, and they will come out to investigate.

Hayes is now forced to find another place to live after the city condemned the trailer.

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