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Mississippi Schools Could Be Required to Teach Cursive

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A bill moving through the legislature could require all Mississippi schools to teach cursive. Educators say cursive should be taught in schools not so much so kids can write in it, but so they can read it.

"Many of our historical documents are written in cursive writing, and when you need to go to a primary source, you need to be able to read what it says," explained Crystal Erikson, the Curriculum Coordinator for Madison County Schools.

It can also be extremely helpful for children with learning disabilities like dyslexia.

"You don't have as many reversals because they all have a different approach to writing those particular letters," said Kate Sistrunk, the Mississippi Dyslexia Center Coordinator. 

Other people say all cursive is used for are signatures, and no one can read that anyway.

Some school districts, like Madison County, already require cursive as part of the curriculum.

"We actually introduce it second-semester second grade, but then the intensive instruction is in third grade," added Erikson.

Other areas do it differently, Clinton Public Schools, for instance, teach cursive less intensively, as part of the art department, so they can focus on other skills like typing.

The bill is still being discussed, so school districts like Clinton aren't sure how they'd be affected.

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