Shark film to be shot in Ocean Springs

Shark film to be shot in Ocean Springs

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Film crews will be working on a new movie in Ocean Springs next month. Little is known about the project, but we do know it's being called "a shark film." And you could be seen in the upcoming flick.

Meetings have already been held with the city, county and film makers. And though much has been discussed regarding the upcoming flick, officials remain mum on most of the film's details. However, sources close to the movie tell us it will be a shark film taking on a science fiction and adventure genre, and parts of the movie will feature the harbor.

Over at Todd Bowell salon, hair stylist Samantha Bosio is thrilled to know another film will be shot in her backyard.

"Oh, it makes me so happy. It will showcase our cute town and I do believe that business brings business and I do believe that it will bring some revenue to this area," Bosio said. "My son loves sharks. So it's exciting to know that it will be right here."

Sandy Araoz has been living on the coast for the past three weeks and plans to make Ocean Springs her permanent residence. For her, it's easy to see why this city was chosen for the film.

"Oh, it's beautiful. The beaches, even the little village, the shops, everything is very unique, different than most cities I've been in," said Araoz.

"It's not too pretty, but it's not too ragged," said Devin Truelove.

Truelove and his girlfriend, Skyla Jordan, said they believe the motion picture will beef up tourism.

"It's really exciting because I think that with all the popularity it's gonna get, I think more tourists will come and the town will get more money for that," said Jordan.

"I'm not saying we're the poorest city, but we could use some more money," said Truelove.

Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran said the movie will air this summer on a national channel. There will be a casting and crew call sometime early next month. Anyone interested in sending a resume to the film crew may email it to There will be no parts for children in the film.

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