Hancock Middle School will reopen Wednesday

Hancock Middle School will reopen Wednesday

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It's been two days since a small fire led to a sprinkler malfunction at Hancock Middle School. Apparently the fire was knocked out, but the sprinklers kept going, flooding the school. It was closed later that morning, but that will change Wednesday.

Principal Dr. Jessica Taylor stood before a sea of faculty and staff members offering a pep talk, preparing them to reopen the school. Taylor said she hopes to have things back to normal as soon as possible.

"Keeping our same routine doing the same things we've always done. Having class, getting ready for state testing, normal routine," said Taylor.

One person who's ready to get back in the swing of things is math teacher Annie Jones. She's trying to calculate how exactly she's going to get more than 100 of her students in work mode in the middle of the week.

"It just feels like every other Monday, I guess. Only it's not going to be Monday. We had two days off and will just start again," said Jones.

The school must be in tip top shape before the first bell can ring. There was still a bit of water seepage Tuesday on floors and coming from baseboards and cabinets.

"We had a big company come in. Last night, they had a majority of the building clean. Our local cleaning crew for the school district has done a great job of getting the water out," said Taylor

Cleaning crews aren't the only ones doing the brunt of the work. Teachers are also making sure their classrooms are presentable before students come back.

"They really have a lot cleaned up. All the rooms on our hall seem like we're going to be able to get everything back in order and be ready to go tomorrow," said Jones.

However, one classroom is still off limits.

"There was a room where the fire was. We will not be able to use the classroom, so will have to find another classroom for the teacher and her classes," said Taylor.

Reconstruction of that classroom will continue well into the year.

Right now, it's unclear on whether students at Hancock Middle will have to make up those two days in the future. That decision is up to the Mississippi Department of Education.

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