Businesses Hope to Profit from Condo Developments

Legacy condominium owners are expected to move in their units later this summer, and work is going strong on other high-rise condo developments here along the South Mississippi coast.

Businesses near these condominium complexes say they hope they'll profit from these condos and the people they're expected to bring in.

Biloxi's Broadwater Golf Course lies between two of South Mississippi's major condo developments, the Legacy and Seabreeze condominiums.

Golf Director Mike Baronich believes developments like these will only help sink more money into the local economy.

"I think anytime you can bring more people into the area and give them more options, and make it more a vacation destination, you're also going to bring more golfers in too, and it's going to have nothing but a positive effect for us," Baronich said.

As developers are working hard to complete condo projects across the coast, workers at the Broadwater are trying to build up their own property--not only for golfers now on the greens, but for future patrons these condo projects are expected to draw in.

"Working pretty diligently on the golf course, making changes, making a lot of upgrades here, everything is very positive right now, and I look forward to a bright future here." Baronich said.

A condominium complex is slated to go up just east of Souvenir City.

The store's manager says the development will be a welcome neighbor.

"I think that it's going to bring more tourists to the coast, which is what we like," said Angela White, manager of Souvenir City.

White and Baronich agree the condo projects underway are a welcome change and say they're more than ready to give condo patrons and owners a taste of what all the coast has to offer.

No business owners we spoke with Sunday said they were against condo development.

And just to give you an idea of how much spending power condo patrons could have here--units at the Legacy range from $450,000 to $1 million.

Seabreeze units cost between $500,000 to $600,000. Realtors for both properties say almost all of their units are sold.