Death and destruction in one Hattiesburg neighborhood

Death and destruction in one Hattiesburg neighborhood

HATTIESBURG, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of homes are damaged, many destroyed by fierce weather all around the Pine Belt following Saturday's tornado outbreak.

A pall hangs over a trailer park on Edwards Street in south Hattiesburg. According to Hattiesburg police, two of the four deaths from the storm happened right in that park, and people there are in shock.

"They found two dead, Mr. Wayne died here. They found Mr. Earnest in his trailer," said Quincy Morris, who came to the park Saturday morning to check on his mother.

While some are in shock, others feel lucky to be alive, standing amid the rubble of what used to be their homes. People in this neighborhood were awakened by the horrific sights and sounds of the tornado touching down with frightening force.

"I had to get my wife and get in the bathroom. That was all the time I had," William Hunter said. "When I heard it, I jumped straight up and looked for her. I had to find her."

"I was in there. It's still shocking. I can't believe it happened like it did," Jeffrey Fike recalled.

A disaster brings out good Samaritans. Area churches are doing what they can to provide food, water, and comfort.

"We felt compelled as a church to come together and make lunches for these people who have no power or food. They lost everything. It's pitiful," said Jennifer Fairchild with Asbury United Methodist Church.

The emphasis now is on recovery, rebuilding, and trying to put the disaster behind them. As for the trailer park where two lives were taken? The folks there have a profound perspective.

"This is materialistic. You can get it back. But you can't get a life back," said Quincy Morris.

A dusk to dawn curfew remains in effect in Hattiesburg.

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