Business owners give back through skateboarding

Business owners give back through skateboarding

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - For skateboarders Demetrius Lovett and Clint Baker, skateboarding is a culture of its own.

"Skateboarding is more than just riding on a board. It's a lifestyle," said Baker.

After the closing of many local skate shops,  the two decided to take matters into their own hands. Lovett and Baker started their own skateboard brand, Twinge Skateboards.

The mission of the company - keep skateboarders in South Mississippi tuned into local happenings in the skateboarding world.

"We started off in Gulfport with a skate shop in 2014, and we've had it going every since," said Lovett.

The duo also started the company as a way to make dreams come true. Lovett and Baker sponsor local skateboarders with promising talent by supplying them with free skateboards and other gear to ensure they can keep perfecting their craft.

"That takes paying for their magazine advertisements, commercial advertisements. We'll pay for that just to kinda get them involved in the industry if they're not involving themselves already," said Lovett.

The two see it as another way of keeping kids out of trouble.

"Skateboarding always kept me out of drugs and trouble when all my other friends were getting under the influence," said Baker.

Lovett and Baker hope to grow the brand in order to reach more skaters with positive influences. The co-owners are planning a Twinge Skateboards sponsored event at Pascagoula Skatepark in May.

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