Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association gives back to vets

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association gives back to vets

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Vets helping vets is the goal of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. On Friday, they continued their mission with a generous donation.

Sigler, a disabled Navy veteran, has trouble getting around. His brother Len reached out to the group, and they stepped up to help in less than two weeks.

"Listen, it's great. I have a personal relationship with his brother. And when I met him, he couldn't walk," said Army veteran Alan Simmons, "There's no cost to him. He's our brother."

The group has been refurbishing motorized scooters for about the past seven years. It's a mission members say, that means looking out for their own.

"It's an honor to serve all these guys that need help. Ok, there's not too many people out there jumping out of their windows to help us out. It's the intermediate combat forces that get together and do it, and we take care of our own people," said Sebastian Pellerito.

Sigler's ability to be self-sufficient is something that he has been waiting for. He says he knows fellow veterans have his back.

"It feels good because the vets ain't getting treated too good right now," said Sigler. "All these men you see right here [are] my heroes. I used to be one of them. I could walk around like them and stuff and I had a bad accident, and I'm pretty much busted up."

Veterans like Alan Simmons wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's about pride. You see how these guys showed up in the rain today. This is important to us. It's important that we help. And that's why we're here," Simmons said.

It's that pride that is helping veterans like Sigler, live fuller more fulfilling lives. For additional information, call 601-528-9284.

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