More rain means more headaches for East Biloxi residents

More rain means more headaches for East Biloxi residents

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Pumps in downtown Biloxi put in overtime after weeks of rain left streets waterlogged.

Flooding on Division Street is nothing new to residents, but after bigger problems on Crawford Street, they've had enough.

"For the last roughly 6 weeks or longer, there have been crews out here concentrating on this one little area, but they ain't doing nothing about it," said Victor Roby, who uses his bike to get around through mud, and sometimes knee high water.

Although the pumps are usually always running, Roby says they aren't doing much.

"I could take a 5 gallon bucket and bail out more water in to the Back Bay than the pump is pumping."

Because Crawford Street stems from the part of Division that is closed off, residents are forced to drive through dangerously high water after it rains.

"They need to concentrate on this one area [Crawford Street] right through here, this intersection," Roby added.

Flooding isn't the only issue for residents like Cliff Clark. Construction crews trying to fix the roads are a big problem as well.

"The TV rocks on that stand whenever they run the equipment up and down here, and this house has a superb foundation under it," said Clark.

Clark claims the heavy equipment has caused around $45,000 worth of damage to his home. Damages include everything from broken picture frames, to holes in his ceiling.

"This all fell through because of that equipment running up and down and working the roof," Clark said as he pointed to a gaping hole in his ceiling. "We've had to put another roof on."

Clark says his cars have even been damaged driving on the road. Backed up water in the sewers have also caused plumbing issues.

"I want my house fixed and I want this fixed. Drain this water out of here. I don't want anything, I just want them to repair what they tore up," said Clark.

Spokesperson for the City of Biloxi Vincent Creel says the contracting company that is handling the roads says the pumps have been working since Friday. The pump for Crawford Street empties into a ditch and when that ditch fills up, there's nothing they can do.

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