Pedestrians cautious after fatal accident on Hwy. 49

Pedestrians cautious after fatal accident on Hwy. 49

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The strip of Highway 49 in Gulfport where a pedestrian was killed Thursday night is lined with restaurants, shops, and hotels.

The six-lane highway is not only filled with cars, it's also filled with pedestrians. Mark Limon crosses the roadway nearly 20 times a week, looking for work and catching the bus to save some time.

However, he knows he's taking a chance.

"They don't have any walkways to cross this highway here. It's a brand new highway as you can see and there's no way to get across it. You have to actually jaywalk," Limon said. "Even if I got to the light down there, there's still no crosswalk there. So you definitely have to cross at your own risk."

Limon also crosses the busy highway at night.

"Definitely....I make sure there's cars at a distance," added Limon.

Jason Mauffray, who walks a lot in the area, was in Walmart when the accident happened.

"I have to worry about the drivers, yes," Mauffray said. "It's kind of awkward having to walk across here and ain't got no stop lights and no where you can just press a button and walk across."

There are some areas of Highway 49 where the accident happened that the median is wide enough for people to be able to stop and wait for traffic coming the other way. Other places, there's no median at all.

But no matter what safety procedures are put in place, people are going to cross this highway every day.

Stephanie Waddell crosses at least twice a day, but that doesn't mean she feels safe.

"Sometimes it looks like people are not going to slow down," Waddell said. "It even looks like they speed up sometimes."

A friend of Waddell's was hit about a month ago. She says he's fine, but that something needs to be done.

"I think people need to pay more attention. I mean, if they see somebody trying to cross, they need to slow down."

The Biloxi Police Department is investigating the accident.

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