St. Patrick students tune in on Inauguration Day

St. Patrick students tune in on Inauguration Day

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - History was made Friday, and students at St. Patrick High School got to witness it as it happened during class. Several students tuned in to watch a live stream of President Donald Trump's inauguration.

All eyes were on the live stream projected at the front of the class as America's 45th president swore the oath of office. For Finley Hewes, exposing his students to this moment in history was just another step in educating them about the democratic process.

"That's one of the privileges of being an American," said Hewes.

Hewes focuses a lot of his effort in the classroom on teaching independent thinking.

"Make your own decisions based on the information and the news that you gather and filter through that," said Hewes.

His students said that makes for a great class.

"He lets us engage in what's going on, and he lets us discuss it, and he lets us kind of explore our own ideas about the world," said senior Madison Gillam.

Hewes said he tried to keep this mentality throughout the election process. He even facilitated an event that helped most of the school's seniors register to vote so that they could have more input in who would be standing on the inauguration stage. J.R. Riojas took advantage of this opportunity.

"It's really cool to see the way America voted come to fruition today, and I'm just hoping that we're going to all be able to unite no matter what our opinions are," said Riojas.

Luke Seicshnaydre also left his mark on the election.

"As a first time voter, I was really excited that Donald Trump is going to be president, being a businessman and coming to run this country as a business," Seicshnaydre said.

Some of the students were more critical about the new president's tact.

"Each person is an individual, and they bring their own opinions and ideas to the office, and I kind of do feel like he's going to still continue on just doing what he wants," said Ashlynn Williams.

They all agreed they wish the best for President Trump and the future of America.

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