Long Beach acid attack survivor helps police catch attacker

Long Beach acid attack survivor helps police catch attacker
Cassie Raines (Photo source: Harrison County jail docket)

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A Long Beach woman is continuing to nurse her wounds and schedule surgeries after her former roommate reportedly poured acid all over her and stabbed her repeatedly during a fight.

Long Beach Police Chief Wayne McDowell said Lauren Cuevas helped officers locate her alleged attacker, Cassie Raines, by tracking her movements on social media and through mutual friends.

"We've been getting the information from the victim, Mrs. Cuevas, different places. Could be here along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, in Florida, Georgia," said McDowell.

He said Raines left the state after being treated for acid burns she also sustained during the attack, which occurred on Aug. 30, 2016.

Cuevas says Raines bombarded her at her Long Beach home due to a dispute over unpaid rent money.

"She had a bottle that she pulled a rag out and was smoking, and said it was acid. Then I kind of blacked out. I come to and we're fighting over the bottle, and I punched her, and that's when she stabbed me a few times. Then I ran in the house, locked the doors, and called 911," Cuevas said.

Cuevas said she was taken to Memorial Hospital for emergency surgery, went into a coma, and was later flown to Jackson for more surgeries. She has lost the ability to work, her home, and is living with her parents.

Meanwhile, police say Raines is being held at the Upson County Detention Center, in Thomaston, GA, on an aggravated assault charge. She is being held without bond.

McDowell said Raines is awaiting a hearing there to see if she'll waive extradition to Mississippi or have a court case there. If Raines is extradited to Mississippi, the entire case will go before a grand jury.

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