South Mississippians to represent at inauguration

South Mississippians to represent at inauguration

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of thousands of people will gather on the National Mall in Washington D.C. Friday to see President-elect Donald Trump sworn into office.

South Mississippi will be represented in the crowd, getting a first-hand listen to Trump's inaugural address.

Justin Allday of Ocean Springs and Gulfport's Hannah Stewart think America is great, but they also think America can be even greater with Donald Trump as president. So, both are making the trip to Washington.

"When I found out I had a friend moving to right outside of D.C. months ago, I was like, I've got to go to the Inauguration because that's such a monumental event," Stewart said.

Going to an inauguration is a dream come true for Stewart, whose love of politics started at an early age. On Friday, she'll be seeing a president in person for the second time. The first came in 2003 when George W. Bush made a stop in Gulfport.

Despite a contiguous and controversial election, Stewart hopes the world will see a united nation during the ceremonies.

"I think that's really important that the whole world is watching that moment, that we respect whoever is our president, that we honor them and we do put on this huge show to show that we're supporting them," Stewart said. "We may not always agree, but they do hold that place of authority in our country and we honor them, and I think that's a pretty powerful statement in itself."

Allday expects to start seeing the results of a Trump presidency quickly.

"More jobs, great jobs. Not part-time minimum wage jobs, but full time well paying jobs," said Allday, who believes Trump is the right person to for fill the promise of more jobs. "He's been a business man, and was a very successful business man, so he can translate that into his presidency," Allday said.

Like Stewart, Allday would like to see the country more unified. He thinks Trump could start the unifying process by stopping what's become a routine action for him.

"I wish he would get off Twitter," Allday said. "I think getting in Twitter feuds is just silly, and that kind of drives people away that he's saying nasty things on Twitter and that's not cool."

When Allday is making the long drive back to South Mississippi following the inauguration, he hopes he'll be driving through a nation that puts it's differences aside and rallies around the new president.

"Wanting Trump to fail is like wanting a pilot to crash on a plane that we're all on," Allday said. "If Trump fails, we all fail."

Allday and Stewart both received tickets from Congressman Steven Palazzo's office. Rep. Palazzo got more than 400 ticket requests, but only had 198 tickets to give out.

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