Biloxi NAACP weighs in on Trump's presidency

Biloxi NAACP weighs in on Trump's presidency

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office this week, the one thing almost all Americans can agree on is that things will be different. While many in South Mississippi are hopeful, others are cautious.

The Biloxi chapter of the NAACP recently held its first meeting of the year, and executive board members have a lot on their agenda. The big question is how will the change in leadership affect the group's priorities over the next four years?

Biloxi NAACP President James Crowell believes President-elect Trump's business sense will be a big positive.

"His business knowledge would help quite a bit in terms of how we can go out there and negotiate contracts with some of these outside countries that we deal with," said Crowell.

But he also has concerns, especially about how outspoken Trump can be.

"He's been a long time businessman, basically did what he wanted to do, said what he wanted to say, and it's kinda hard to break old habits. So my concern is this man goes out there, the president goes out there and gets us in another war, not with one country, maybe several," Crowell added.

With work already underway to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the future of health care is a major concern for NAACP Executive Board Member Gordon Jackson.

"People who couldn't afford healthcare and were able to afford healthcare through the Affordable Care Act, now if they are successful that will be taken away. And we're gonna be back to before the Affordable Care Act, in terms of high health costs, the old HMO system," said Jackson.

They say they're also concerned about Trump's cabinet, his views on immigration, and minimum wage.

"He can establish a comprehensive, thorough national dialogue on race. It is very, very critical. There are so many misconceptions out there. There are so many thoughts on both extremes of the needle," said Jackson.

"I would hope that he would be a president that is going to really make this country great again, as he says," said Crowell.

Jackson and Crowell said they hope President-elect Trump listens to the concerns of the black community and works to find solutions for them.

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