Leigh Street resident fed up with flooding issues in Long Beach

Leigh Street resident fed up with flooding issues in Long Beach

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Long Beach resident Steve Barstow is tired of waiting for the city to fix his road.

"Whenever we have a hard rain of an inch or more, it floods here. If it stays a steady, hard rain like we've had the past three weeks or so, it's mostly high water all the time," he said.

Barstow has lived on Leigh Street for five years. He says what used to be some standing water has now become a huge issue for his family.

"It's been doing it since we've been here and it was never too bad. It was okay, but now it's getting in the sewers you cant use anything in the house. You can't run water or toilets, showers, washer/dryer--you're stuck," he said.

"It's just a drainage issue," said Alderman at Large Leonard Carrubba. "A lot of cities have drainage issues and we have several in our city and this is one of them. We're just trying to get that water moved into a canal as soon as possible. Main thing we're concerned about is water getting into homes and no water has gotten into homes yet.

Barstow, however, said water has come up into his yard within three-quarters of an inch of his front door.

"I've got two brand new cars. My wife and son have to drive through high water to get in and out. My yard don't drain. We had a beautiful yard a year ago, now it's a muddy mess," said Barstow.

"We're trying our best. We're pursuing the situation and are trying to get it resolved. It just takes time," said Carrubba.

But he added that the issue is more complex than just moving or adding pipes.

"We have some sewer and water lines that are under the ground there and we'd have to go under those to get the drainage out to the north, and that's a pretty expensive way of going. So we're trying some other things."

Barstow plans to attend Tuesday's board of aldermen meeting to urge city officials to move forward with plans for the drainage work.

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