New semi-pro football league gives players a second chance on the gridiron

New semi-pro football league gives players a second chance on the gridiron

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Two Gulf Coast men are giving back to the community by giving football players from all over South Mississippi a second chance on the gridiron.

Nolan Wallace practices drills hoping to impress coaches to land a spot on a new semi-pro football team.

"This is another chance. I have a family now so I want to step up and provide for them," said Wallace.

Wallace was once a football player for St. Patrick High School until tragedy struck.

"I lost my daughter at 18 years old, so I didn't get to move on and I was going through some struggles," said Wallace.

He's now taking advantage of a chance to get back into the game.

"We're just trying to give back and get these kids back in school so they can have a life," said Coach Anthony Henderson.

London Taylor was another player on the field looking to make the team. Years ago, he lost a brother. It left a void which caused him to lose focus and not make it to the college level.

"I'm glad they're out here giving us another chance to be out here and they're helping us record stuff and get times on things," said Wallace.

And hopefully, this will help these players score a touchdown in life.

"I plan on going all the way. I'm gonna put my all into it and all my effort because it's not an everyday choice that you wake up and you have a chance to play semi-pro football," said Taylor.

"I want to go to the CFL or a junior college. Somewhere that I can be a part of the team," said Wallace.

The Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League will hold another tryout session the weekend of January 21 in Pass Christian. The APDFL's official signing day is February 12, 2017.

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