Officials make 'dangerous' rescue after man drives off Henderson Point

Officials make 'dangerous' rescue after man drives off Henderson Point

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - A Harrison County man was rescued by officials late Saturday night after accidentally driving his vehicle into the water.

Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said the man was driving to work around 10:45 p.m. in Bay St. Louis. Because he was unfamiliar with the roads in the area and the fog was really thick, the man turned down the wrong road.

"He didn't realize what road he was on and ended up on Bayview Street, which leads down to the Henderson Point boat launch," said Sullivan. "Not realizing the the road came to a dead end at the boat launch, the man continued driving into the water."

The man told officials that the vehicle quickly became submerged and he was unable to open the doors. After breaking a window out in the SUV, the man climbed on top of the vehicle and called authorities for help.

"The vehicle was going down and he said he couldn't swim," said Sullivan. "He wasn't sure how deep the water was so he called for a rescue. It was a very dangerous situation."

Multiple agencies responded to the call, including Pass Christian fire and police departments, Harrison County Sheriff's Office, and Department of Marine Resources.

Sullivan says, once the man was rescued, he was transported to a nearby hospital to verify that he was okay.

"He was somewhat cold and possibly hypothermic," said Sullivan. "Even at this time when it's warmer out than other places, it's still January and the water is still cold. Hypothermia is always a concern."

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