Residents fight battle against zoning change for RV lot

Residents fight battle against zoning change for RV lot

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The lot at Pine Grove Avenue and Beach View Avenue. in Biloxi has been empty since Hurricane Katrina.

But now the owner of the land, Beachview Newman, LLC, has received approval from the Biloxi Planning Commission to change the zoning on the property from residential to commercial.

Donna Benard lives across the street from the lot and says the gas leak Friday was just one of the issues she has with the plan to build an RV park on the site.

"We won't mind the progress, it's just what's coming in here that's the problem," Benard said, "We're very worried about the party element that's going to be invading this neighborhood. We're worried about storage of propane tanks in the neighborhood, because that we know is going to happen based on his plan."

Approval from the planning commission is the first step to the zoning change. Ward 5 councilman Paul Tisdale says he expects city council to take up the issue on Tuesday, Jan. 24, and that there will be an opportunity for the public to comment.

Tisdale says has been approached by a number of constituents who say the work is happening without approval. But since Beachview Newman owns the land, clearing slabs or cleaning it up is within their rights.

Stanley Joyce has lived in the neighborhood for about 60 years. He's afraid of what the proposed park will do to the look of the neighborhood.

"It's a shame because our family has been here since 1955 or 56, that long," Joyce said. "This guy's coming in here because he owns the land, and he's going to ruin it.

WLOX reached out to Tom Newman with Beachview Newman, LLC. He says the company plans to build an RV park, but declined any further comment.

Tisdale expects the issue to be put to a vote at the city council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 7.

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