Groundbreaking Held For New Children's Home

A Groundbreaking Ceremony took place Sunday to commemorate the future site of a Methodist Children's Home for Girls.

The facility will give young girls and teenagers who have been abused or neglected a place to live in peace. Six girls can live at one time in this residence. The smaller environment will provide a more family type atmosphere, for those who don't really know what that is.

"This is called a teaching family model," Rev. Jim Ormond said. "We endeavor to put the children in a home situation, where they are taught how to be part of a family."

"We hope that within six months, we can have construction completed, and hopefully within that period of time, we'll have raised sufficient funds to staff it, to manage it, and endow it, and we can begin the full process," Sherman Muths, the chair of the fundraiser committee, said.

If you're interested in donating, or if you'd like more information on the project, you can contact Sherman Muths at 864-3156.