Neil Lollar's plan as Hancock head coach includes winning, but continuing off-field legacy

Neil Lollar's plan as Hancock head coach includes winning, but continuing off-field legacy

KILN, MS (WLOX) - Other than being known as one of the newest high school football head coaches on the coast, Hancock's Neil Lollar is probably one of the better golfers in the coaching ranks.

Sure, it's been a while since he wrote a 65 on a scorecard after a round of 18, but the former Northeast Mississippi Community College and Ole Miss baseball player has shown that whatever sport is the current focus, he'll be able to figure out the successful formula.

That background is one of the reasons why the 40-year-old plans on becoming an ambassador for all sports at Hancock High School.

"I think nowadays football coaches have to be visible to the other sports because sometimes people get a little too one-sport oriented," Lollar said. "As long as you're visible and they know you're around, you might get a kid to come try out that you never had on your radar before."

Lollar's first head-coaching job will be to replace Rocky Gaudin, who has been a head coach on the coast for 27 years. Besides Hancock, Gaudin made stops at Mercy Cross, St. Patrick and Resurrection.

Gaudin declined to be interviewed, but that's because he wants all the focus to be on the Hancock football program and its future.

That future for his players is something Gaudin has always taken pride in constructing. It's also the plan that Lollar wants to follow.

"I'll continue to stress that we're going to grow young men hopefully into great fathers, husbands, whatever it may be down the road for them," Lollar said. "Hopefully, (we'll) let them know that they have a brighter future outside of football and this is a step in that direction."

On the field, Hancock has been desperate for playoff football. The Hawks have made the playoffs just once in the past 15 years, having lost its only playoff game to Oak Grove 42-28 in 2014.

"We'll be a little more run heavy as far as the offense goes," Lollar said. "Defensively, we'll probably be an odd-man front. Personnel is going to determine the schematics on both sides of the ball."

Lollar spent the 2016 season as Hancock's defensive coordinator.

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