New app aims to help residents fight crime

New app aims to help residents fight crime

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A new crime-fighting tool for residents in Harrison County is now available -- and it can be found right in your phone's app store! The Harrison County Sheriff's Department app rolled out Friday.

Sheriff Troy Peterson says it gives his department more transparency by giving real-time alerts to people on everything from traffic problems to road closures. It also allows citizens to make anonymous, non-emergency reports. Life-saving information received by Harrison County dispatchers can now be disseminated to residents faster than ever before, says the sheriff.

"You can take this app and, just for example, if you have an active shooter in an area, you can put a geo-fence around that area and alert everybody that has that app what's going on so they can take cover," said Sheriff Peterson.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Department app is a free download and is available for Apple and Android users, offering a wealth of information.

"Icy roads, weather, tornadoes, anything that can be put out by us that we put out on the radio everyday is going to be in the system," said Sheriff Peterson. "So it's just a great system for the public to get to know. You can also put it into the geo-fence. If you drive into the geo-fence, it will alert you to tell you you're coming in contact with this."

And if you witness suspicious activity in your neighborhood there's a way to report it on the app.

"Here's our tip line," explained Sheriff Peterson as he showcased the app. "You can send in a tip. It's an anonymous tip so you don't have to put your name in it."

The sheriff says those tips should be non-emergency tips and reminds everyone that emergency calls must still be made to 911.

"This portion of law enforcement just brings us into a new level," he said. "It allows the public to have access to what we have. It brings transparency to the department in a lot of different ways. So I think it's great for everybody."

The app also includes county forms, like the county farm waiver, expungement handbook, ordinances, and many more.

To download the app, iPhone users can click here and Android users can click here.

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