Page 13: Art down on the farm

Page 13: Art down on the farm

There is a special place in Woolmarket where you can learn how to paint, make pottery or create jewelry and feed a llama.

Makana Art Studio gives lessons on a wide variety of arts and crafts. Classes are offered on pottery, painting, soap making, fiber art, jewelry making, and more.

Owner Cindy Schafhirt loves sharing her artistic talents with others.

"I want people to feel what I do when I'm doing this art. I want them to feel the inner spirit and creativity," Schafhirt said.

But, Makana is not just an art studio. It's also a farm with all sorts of animals. People enjoy the frisky silkie chickens, or the peacocks inside a blue tarp covered cold weather pen. There's also a llama with attitude.

"We have one llama. He's a little contrary. He thinks he is the boss. We call him Sir Herchel," Schafhirt said.

Beautiful Alpacas roam the farm Cindy uses the wool or fiber from the animals to make all kinds of products. Visitors to Millikan Art Studio and Farm experience the best of both worlds.

"We're in the city limits. When you come here it's like you are not in the city at all.  It's like you are in the city, far, far away when actually you're just a few miles from the interstate," said Schafhirt.

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