Bay St. Louis officers pleased with new interim police chief

Bay St. Louis officers pleased with new interim police chief

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - City leaders approved Daren Freeman as the Bay St. Louis interim chief three days into the new year.

As the final remnants of former Police Chief Mike DeNardo's name are scraped off the building, Freeman is determined to get the city back on track.

"It's been great. We've met a lot of nice people, and we've had the opportunity to speak to some of the local business people as well as some of the other law-enforcement agencies. We're moving forward with a lot of progress in just a short time," said Freeman.

Officers who have been at the department for years say the new chief is a breath of fresh fresh air.

"He met with us individually to discuss things, and how he wants the future of the department to go, and how he sees his vision for us. So it's been very refreshing for us to have that type of leadership here," said Patrol Officer David Hart.

Sgt. Dylan Murphy holds the new chief to a high standard. His uncle, Ray Murphy, was once the police chief of Bay St. Louis.

"We've been actually very impressed with him. He was ratified last Tuesday at the City Council meeting, we had shift Wednesday morning at 5:30 and he was here to greet us," said Murphy.

Bay St. Louis leaders had to make Freeman an "interim" chief because his hire was too close to the upcoming municipal elections.

"We're just moving forward. We haven't looked back. We've been in a progressive mode and working to get input from every employee here. We want to make it the best place to be on the Coast," said Freeman.

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