Bridge Work Ahead Will Mean Detours

Some 50,000 cars cross the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge everyday. But the busy drawbridge is not always reliable.

Todd Jourdan with the state Department of Transportation said "It's an aging issue. That bridge is almost 50 years old, and a lot of the parts are worn at some point".

Years of wear and tear often lead to mechanical failures. Drivers know all too well the aggravation when the drawbridge gets stuck, forcing traffic to come to a halt. But, those days may soon be over.

Jourdan said "We have a project to replace the grid deck on the bridge. We're also going to be making a bearing repair, as well as doing some mechanical work".

The work will force crews to shut down the bridge for about a month. That means drivers will have to find alternate routes. MDOT officials are asking drivers for a little patience, so they can fix a nagging problem.

Jourdan said "Hopefully we can get in, get the project completed in a month or so, and get out with as little inconvenience to the public as possible".

Again, the work won't begin until next spring. Before determining the exact date to start the $4 million project, MDOT will hold public meetings, as well as coordinate with the Coast Guard, area businesses, and those in the fishing industry.