Biloxi Could Be Home To "Shores Of Paradise"

For years, the Hook, Line and Sinker welcome mat was spelled out in greenery. The restaurant did whatever it could to reel in customers.

Recently, the long time owners of Highway 90 property caught a much larger fish -- with an appetite for more than topless oysters.

Mike Boudreaux and Gulf Coast Investment Developers agreed to buy the restaurant, the Travel Inn, a souvenir shop, the Biloxi RV Park, and adjoining land. "Shores of Paradise is a new project coming in," Boudreaux announced.

The plan is to turn 11.5 acres across from the Mississippi Sound into part condo tower, part townhomes, part cabanas. The 174 foot condo tower is designed like a horseshoe.

"It will be sold as a condo-tel," said Boudreaux, "meaning that you'll have daily rentals. You won't know the difference between living in a condo, somebody could live in on a permanent basis or rented out."

Shores of Paradise is the 14th condominium project proposed by Gulf Coast Investment Developers in Mississippi. Most are either being built, or they're about to be built in the city of Biloxi.

"I believe the Mississippi Gulf Coast is a hidden jewel," said Boudreaux.

If Shores of Paradise can get the variances it needs from Biloxi, Mike Boudreaux believes it will fit right into an evolving gulf coast condo market that has somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 different proposals.

"I believe you could bring all 70 in, and still not touch the magnitude of the demand that's built up for condos right now," he said.

The Biloxi Planning Commission just got its first look at Shores of Paradise. Developers need to reel in both that group and the city council hook, line and sinker before they can build this particular condo.

The Gulf Coast Investment Developers group has a couple of other rather significant condo projects on its radar screen. The developers have an agreement to restore the Tivoli hotel and turn it into a condominium, if they can buy some neighboring land in east Biloxi.

They're also looking at buying downtown Biloxi's old federal courthouse, tearing it down, and replacing it with a seven story Bourbon Street style condo complex.