Moss Point police receive body cams; new cars

Moss Point police receive body cams; new cars
(Pgoto Source: WLOX News)
The $200,000 price tag on the new cars was covered by a seizure funds. (Photo Source: WLOX News)
The $200,000 price tag on the new cars was covered by a seizure funds. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point's police force is bringing in major upgrades that will benefit how officers serve and protect the city.

The police department recently received 20 body cameras.

"This is the L3 it's very simplistic in design," said Moss Point Patrol Commander Lt. Henry Bouganim II. "We just implemented them last week. Every officer on the road - including our officer on the interstate - has a body camera."

The department is joining the national push to increase police accountability using the cameras.

"Most of the cameras the officers are wearing right here [chest level], so you get a really good view of the face and everything a full spectrum of everything you can see," said Bouganim.

Shooting in 1080p resolution, police want the cameras to provide transparency to the public.

"Video doesn't lie. If there's a question of something one of our officers did - right, wrong, or indifferent - we can pull it up on video," Bouganim added.

Funded by a grant, no taxpayer dollars were used for the purchase.

"Super durable, it's rubber coated...I wouldn't say its indestructible," noted Bouganim, who says the devices are more than able to withstand what goes on in the field.

Video from the camera is archived at the station.

"It can record for 12 over hours, and it downloads directly to the system we already have in place," said Bouganim.

But that's not the only upgrade for officers. The department also received eight new cars thanks to around $200,000 obtained through seizure funds.

"It just shows Moss Point is going in the right direction," Bouganim said of the newly designed logo displayed on the cruisers.

Construction is also in full swing on a post-Katrina police headquarters.

"Our new station should be built in May. So, we've got new cars, new cameras," Bouganim said.

Despite recent issues in the department, law enforcement officials want to show citizens their devotion to serving and protecting the city.

Per department protocol, officers must turn on the body cams when they go to a call, or in any situation that may turn into a law enforcement issue.

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