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Chase Sherman is preparing for his second UFC Fight Sunday in Phoenix


Chase Sherman leaped into a new phase of his Mixed Martial Arts career when he signed on with the UFC.  That means bigger pay days and much tougher opponents.

Sherman is ambitious, but admits his heavyweight fight with undefeated Justin Ledet five months ago in Salt Lake City didn't go as planned.  Sherman lost his first-ever UFC fight and dropped to 9 and 2 overall.

"But I'm not here to make excuses, "said Sherman.  "I'm here to redeem that loss and get back there and get a win."

Sherman has taken a more positive approach in his preparation for his second UFC opponent Walt Harris, Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona.

He's a 6-foot-4, 241 pound former college basketball player who has posted 8 wins and 5 losses...1 and 4 in UFC competition.

Sherman said, "He's a really athletic, big striker.  He's good on his feet.Should be a good fight, should be an exciting fight."

When it comes to jumping inside the UFC cage, you better be prepared. 

Chase said, "You've got to really work and grind every day and just push beyond your limits. You know, I'd rather be dead tired in here, then get my butt whipped out there in front of all those people on live TV.  Make the sacrifices in here and reap the rewards out there."

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