South Mississippians react to President Obama's farewell

South Mississippians react to President Obama's farewell

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - There's no shortage of feelings toward Barack Obama's presidency coming to an end.

"I'm feeling a little bit melancholy. I think we're losing one of the greatest presidents of the United States," said Carol Henderson.

On the night of President Obama's farewell address to the nation, citizens everywhere were reminiscing on his eight years in office.

"He will be missed. Just a laid back, cool president," said Jared Dunklin.

Former Gulfport NAACP president Ruth Story was wishing she could be in Chicago to hear the speech in person.

"He did so much for this country, although he had to fight each step of the way. And what he was trying to do was for the good," said Story.

Throughout his two terms, it was obvious not everyone supported all his ideas and policies. Some simply felt he could have done more.

"He was far too timid in pursuing an agenda that would have benefited the people of this country," said Roger Mills.

For others, the mere presence of an African American man in the White House meant a great deal.

"As a minority, he's given me hope for the future," said Robert Austin.

Carol Henderson agreed.

"You know that old saying: I, too, am an American. I just felt like for once we were a part of," said Henderson.

Being known as a "people person" may not be high on everyone's list of presidential qualities, it sure didn't hurt President Obama's legacy. It may even be the reason so many are sad to see him go.

"He did bring hope and class. I felt like he was everybody's president. I'm going to miss him," said Vickie Austin.

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