Yoga could mean a healthier 2017

Yoga could mean a healthier 2017

GULFPORT/BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A lot of people are working on their New Year's resolutions right now and many of them have to do with healthier lifestyles. And for those want to get healthier and reduce stress, yoga might be the right choice. It's something people of all ages and all levels of health can benefit from.

You might even feel the stress leaving your body as soon as you enter the building at Shanti Yoga in Gulfport. It's a world of calm and relaxation. And yoga offers more health benefits than you can probably imagine.

Tania Bayne, Owner and Instructor at Shanti Yoga and Counseling, says, "Coming to yoga class gives that opportunity to slow down and unwind, mentally and physically. To come back and return to yourself."

Bayne says the breathing techniques and gentle stretches used during her yoga classes combine to create a healthier mind and body.

"It lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisone levels - which is the stress hormone, reduces your resting heart rate, and it improves physical flexibility and helps reduce arthritis."

She says those benefits carry over into other areas of your life.

"It also improves your energy levels, sleep quality, and mental relaxation and peace of mind."

Peace of mind that speaks volumes, especially in today's stressful world.

"Probably for most people, it's the only hour of the day where you don't get distracted. With electronics, texts, emails, family responsibilities, work stress; it's all too much. We all need a time out."

And she says her yoga classes are good for everyone, so don't shy away because you've never tried it before.

"If you can breathe, you can do yoga. So if we're alive, we can do yoga."

In fact, if getting down on the floor is an issue for you, Bayne offers chair yoga classes that are very easy on the joints.

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