Hundreds work on New Year's resolutions at fitness boot camp

Hundreds work on New Year's resolutions at fitness boot camp

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - As people continue to pursue resolutions to get in shape, an eight-week boot camp kicked off on Sunday.

Jason Langford has been working out regularly for the past three years. He says it's a habit that saved his life.

"My doctor told me if I kept going the way I was going...I wasn't gonna make it too much longer. Over 500 pounds, your life expectancy is not too long," said Langford.

Langford decided to enroll in the first B.E. FIT Boot camp program several years ago. The program is held by personal trainer Brantley Ellison.

"About 200 pounds since I've been doing the Boot Camp. Originally I was 540 pounds, so I've lost about 280 altogether," said Langford.

Ellison says he not only teaches program to help others, but to help himself as well. Three years ago, the trainer looked like a totally different person.

"A lot of people want to make a change towards the new year, just as I did three years ago. I lost 75 pounds and this became my passion," said Ellison.

Langford was one of hundreds who came out to participate in the boot camp kick off.

"What we're doing today is showcase the gym One80 fitness, which is the best gym on the Gulf Coast. We show them our spin, our group fitness and we welcome them. This is their first day for a lot of them," said Ellison.

Newer members worked out inside, while some advanced members took the workout plan outside in freezing temperatures.

"People normally come in, I tell them it's for all fitness levels. A lot of people are hesitant to join something called a boot camp. But I tell a lot of people to come in because we're here to help you," said Ellison.

"For anybody who thinks you can't do it just think, I was over 500 pounds at one time anyone can do it," Langford added.

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