Customers flock to buy pipe protection before deep freeze

Customers flock to buy pipe protection before deep freeze

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The cold temperatures will be the lowest so far Saturday night, and while it could be a problem for some, it's been good business for others.

There's been a run on pipe protection supplies at True Value in Gulfport.

"When we opened yesterday, but the time we closed, we sold about 100 faucet covers," said store manager Bill Collins.

It's is one of the busiest periods for cold weather preparations for Collins in the four years the store has been open.

"A lot of folks, it's like they'll watch the news, they'll see where the freeze is coming in and they'll go, 'Awww, my faucet covers aren't protected, I need to get to the store,'" Collins said. "And it's like last night. I closed the doors and had three pull up in the parking lot, so we reopened and took care of their needs."

Collins is well stocked months in advance. Big sellers are pipe insulation, faucet covers and, of course, replacement pipes for those that break. He's also selling a lot of sheeting materials to help protect plants.

Scott Burge of Gulfport is in for another round of shopping, but he was one of the masses who got his supplies in the surge on Friday.

Although, he says he hasn't had any major problems because he's always been prepared.

"Any time you're looking at freezing weather go ahead and take the precautions because if you do have a pipe bust in a slab or a wall it could be very expensive to repair," Burge said. "So, it's very easy to take precautions."

Collins says the cold weather takes its toll on many things besides pipes.

"Make sure folks are taking care of their pets and plants too," Collins said. "There's more to it than just the water lines. It's cold out there."

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