Weather causes trouble for travelers

Weather causes trouble for travelers

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - As the temperature continues to drop, some flights have been forced to do the same.

Sean Hopkins' flight was delayed an entire day later.

"It's nothing I can do about it, I went to see if they can redirect me," said Hopkins. "It's nothing they can do, so my best option is either try to make the best of the situation, or go back home."

Flyers are now seemingly trapped on the Coast with nothing but time on their hands.

"I believe that I'm gonna sit here, and use the Internet, and eat a little bit of food I believe,"  said Hopkins.

The delays not only affect the flyers who use the airport to travel, but also those who make a living at the airport.

"Financially, it kills us. Due to weather, they don't issue out vouchers for us to send them anymore. So unless someone comes outside to pay out-of-pocket to go somewhere, we'll sit," said one taxi driver.

"They're having a sit out here for like eight and nine hours without a ride, the planes being canceled and everything. They're hoping that somebody might need a ride to New Orleans, or something like that. Basically, it's real dead right now," added taxi starter, Ervinia Love.

At this point, all those affected can do is accept the circumstance and wait for Mother Nature to take its course.

"It's not the best. It's really annoying, actually," noted Hopkins. "But I have to take the punches how they come."

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