Presidential change sparks questions about Obamacare

Presidential change sparks questions about Obamacare
Coastal Family Health offers counseling on filling out Obamacare paperwork. (Photo source: WLOX)

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - The debate in Washington over repealing the president's healthcare law has many South Mississippians wondering if they'll lose the health insurance they're currently getting under the Affordable Care Act.

Like many Americans, Biloxi resident Keegan Thompson had to rely on a hospital employee to explain how Obamacare even works. Now, with a new president heading into office, he says he's questioning what will happen to his family and their insurance under the ACA.

A severe car wreck caused Thompson to lose his left eye, causing him to have high medical bill and frequent doctors visits.

"In the hospital, a lady came in and spoke with me and did the paper work for me," says Thompson.

Republican leaders in the GOP-controlled Congress are moving toward a vote to repeal President Barack Obama's health law in the coming weeks -- a move that Obama and president-elect Donald Trump both say they will support only if there is a viable plan in place to replace it.

"If they take [the Affordable Care Act] away, what do we do?" a worried Thompson asked. "Stay sick? Get worse? [The doctors] said if this gets infected and goes to my brain, it'll kill me."

Greg Wilson, the Outreach Programs Manager at Coastal Family Health, says Thompson is not alone in his worries.

"When the election was said and done, there was uncertainty," said Wilson. However, he continued, Obamacare subscribers will still have coverage throughout 2017 no matter what Congress decides.

"A lot of people thought their healthcare would automatically be canceled in the case of repeal," said Thompson. "But that's pretty much a myth."

Wilson says he wants to get the word out in any way possible, since so many are still confused.

According to Wilson, you have until January 31, 2017, to enroll for this year. Anyone with questions about Obamacare can call 228-374-4991 to set up an appointment with one of Coastal Family Health's application counselors.

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