Jackson County shelter in need of building repairs

Jackson County shelter in need of building repairs

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Lt. Brian Hicks of the Jackson County Salvation Army shelter has been helping people for years. But lately, he's been having issues with the building that helps so many.

"A lot of the walls are starting to crumble. You can kind of look around the shelter. The drywall is just crumbling off, the cove base is coming off. I don't know if it was from water damage or Katrina," said Hicks.

The building, which has served the Coast for several decades, is falling apart. The deteriorating conditions makes it harder to lend a helping hand to clients like Weldon Blackmon.

"A lot of stuff needs to be done, but God is going to have his way. He's going to make away come through," said Blackmon.

The shelter doesn't have the funds for repairs, especially after the failing to receive an annual grant worth $90,000.

"With that money last year we were able to pay some of our staff salaries, we were able to pay our electricity bills and utility bills. We were also able to help folks that stay at our shelter get into permanent housing," said Lt. Hicks.

The Salvation Army of Jackson County also was also short on the 2016 kettle donations.

"Our goal here in Jackson County was $125,000. We were able to bring in $101,000, so we missed about $24,000," said Lt. Hicks.

Hicks is now hoping that someone can help make a difference in the building's conditions.

"We're going to trust God to provide our needs. But in saying that, we also need people in the community to listen to God. I'm trusting that God is going to send that one person, two, three, or however many it takes to get the job done here at the Salvation Army so that we can help others," said Hicks.

Those who would like to donate to the Salvation Army of Jackson County are asked to call the office 228-762-7222.

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