City looks for funding for new Gautier community sign

City looks for funding for new Gautier community sign
(Photo Source: Casey Vaughan)

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - If city leaders and residents can overcome a final roadblock, the controversy over a sign welcoming visitors to a Gautier community may soon be over.

"The new sign will have Martin Bluff community on top with some sand hill cranes, and the bottom will have the golf course and will say Hickory Hills Golf Course," said Gautier city councilman Casey Vaughan.

The sign that once sat between the two pillars has been an ongoing battle between residents in the Hickory Hills and Martin Bluff communities.

"For right now it just looks so empty. You just come across and see this blank space," said resident Adrina Pozsonyi.

The problem - the wording on the original sign that welcomes people to the north Gautier area.

"This sign sits in the Martin Bluff community, and the original sign didn't have Martin Bluff community on it," Vaughan said.

"All we're asking is to remember there's two communities here," added resident Tresa Goyer.

After months of back and forth about what the redesigned sign would say and look like, city leaders say they believe the new design should please most.

However, Vaughan says the new designs brings a new challenge for the city.

"We have a very tight budget, and unfortunately we don't have the money to replace it," said Vaughan.

City leaders are working with residents to fund raise money for the new sign, which will then be donated to the city so they can install the replacement.

The sign is estimated to cost between $4,000 - $6,000.

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