Helena residents desperate for flood solution

Helena residents desperate for flood solution
It will take weeks for the property to out, according to Randy. (Photo source: WLOX)

HELENA, MS (WLOX) - Some Helena homeowners are breathing a sigh of relief as water recedes from their property after recent flooding.

"We were getting worried about our animals, and our vehicles, thinking maybe we should get out of here," said Randy Tapper, who lives near Black Creek.

Recent heavy rains have flooded his yard, threatened his farm animals, and are simply too close for comfort.

"It's aggravating, frustrating. In my field out front, I had 50 something fruit trees that drowned," said Tapper.

Tapper's family has been on the same property for more than 100 years. They once had a Christmas tree farm and a pecan orchard on the land, but when neighbors filled in the drainage ditches that take water from the property to the creek, that all changed.

"There were branches and natural waterways that ran the water to the creek. Those are filled in and now the water doesn't run right. People suffer in the whole area right here. We need to come up with a good plan to run the water," noted Tapper.

Randy and his wife, Heather, have unsuccessfully tried asking for help from Jackson County.

"We told the county about it and they don't seem to think that's the issue," said Tapper. "But that's what it is, because my family's been here forever."

WLOX News Now reached out to several members of the Jackson County Board of Supervisors about the flood concerns, but has not received a call back at this time.

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