Zoned Commercial Finally

Earlier this month, Jackson County Supervisors agreed to rezone some property on Washington Avenue in the St. Martin area. Eight parcels of land that were previously zoned Residential have now been zoned Commercial to fit in with the changing face of that section of Washington Avenue. Residents living on the busy road complained that traffic has dramatically increased because of the casinos and new businesses are going up all along the road making it impossible to sell their property to homeowners.

Over three years ago, several sections of land on Washington Avenue north of Spanish Drive were rezoned Commercial, but Supervisors left the eight parcels south of Spanish Drive to the Fort Bayou Bridge zoned residential.

Helen Manly has tried to sell her land but she says noone wants to buy a home in a growing business district. "That was just impossible to sell it residential being just these few blocks going commercial, so there's no way I could have sold residential."

Meanwhile, some residents living in neighborhoods off of Washington Avenue asked the supervisors not to change the zoning because their property butts up against what could now become businesses.