Hancock Co. supervisor concerned about new levee project in New Orleans

Hancock Co. supervisor concerned about new levee project in New Orleans

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - One Hancock County supervisor isn't thrilled about a plan for a new levee in eastern New Orleans.

Officials in Louisiana have said the new levee could provide more protection from hurricanes for both sides of Lake Pontchartrain. But District One Supervisor David Yarborough believes another levee near Hancock County would cripple his district during a major weather event.

"We definitely have a surge impact from Louisiana as we speak. It was proven in Gustav. The water come up, and then it went back down, and next thing you know I'm in Pearlington pulling people out of homes," said Yarborough.

Yarborough said another levee in Louisiana will drown the western end of Hancock County. Plans call for a mile long levee and floodgates in eastern New Orleans. It's all included in a new draft of Louisiana's Coastal Master Plan.

"Anything added to what's already there, a mile storm would really hurt us tremendously," said Yarborough.

He was heavily involved in discussions of a levee in Louisiana four years ago. But he said no one has contacted him recently to make him aware of the latest plans.

According to WVUE, WLOX's sister station in New Orleans, the goal of the floodgates is to offer an additional defense against hurricanes for areas like St. John Parish and the Northshore without emptying a massive amount of water onto the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"Not that I'm against trying to protect those people, but if we're gonna be protecting those folks, I wanna protect mine as well," he said.

Yarborough said he'll be taking a closer look at the plan. Until then, he's hoping more thought is put into how the levee and floodgates could impact South Mississippi.

"We need to look at the whole coastline if we're gonna do something. It just don't need to be a jump over to Louisiana and fix their problems and not fix Mississippi," he added.

You can read the full 2017 Draft Louisiana Coastal Master Plan here: http://bit.ly/2j79bAS

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