Additional lanes, lights, walking path coming to Landon Road

Additional lanes, lights, walking path coming to Landon Road

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Snak Shack owner Robin Hartwell has witnessed her fair share of danger with her business being off of Landon Road.

"I've seen quite a few accidents. It's a very busy intersection. There's a school back this way and a lot of businesses and homes. I think everyone gets in a rush," said Hartwell.

Gulfport city leaders voted Tuesday to start a project that will make the heavily traveled road safer.

"It'll be a four-lane boulevard with turning lanes. We'll have actual turn lanes and there will be a walking path," said Gulfport City Councilwoman Cara Pucheu.

It's something Hartwell says should have been done a long time ago.

"There is no sidewalk. They're walking either in the ditch, on the ditch, or too close to the road. So I think it'll be very good as far as safety," said Hartwell.

Alongside the new sidewalk and additional lanes, the project will add street lights for another layer of safety.

"It is very important that we go forward with the Landon Road improvements," said Pucheu. "Hopefully, we can work with the county and get it all the way out to Canal Road. That is our goal."

Hartwell is also hoping the changes will also help ease traffic congestion.

"There's a lot of traffic recently since they've made that a four-way stop. I think you'll be good, alleviate a lot of traffic because cars are backed all the way up all the time," said Hartwell.

City leaders expect the work on Landon Road to be complete by early 2019.

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