Downpours soak Jackson County community

Downpours soak Jackson County community

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Some Jackson County residents say the recent rain is some of the worst they've ever seen, and folks in Helena are hoping flood waters will recede soon.

After two days of heavy downpours, yards in Helena have turned into ponds. Many streets looked impassable.

Residents like Randy Tapper are just hoping the deluge is over. Rain inundated his property resulting in several feet of water in some parts of his yard. Tapper's pigs were even sloshing around in knee deep water.

Tapper has lived in this area his whole life, and said he's never seen it get this bad. He has a theory about why things have changed over the years.

"When neighbors moved in, filled in natural waterways and things like that, and it began to get worse and worse over time just with more houses," said Tapper.

Tapper said he feels there's nowhere for the water to drain due to new construction. As far as clean up goes, he says he'll have to wait until daylight to see just how big of a mess the water has left behind.

Also in Helena, some neighborhoods lost power, and we received several reports about flooding in areas that don't normally flood.

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