Saints fans discuss expectations for off-season

Saints fans discuss expectations for off-season

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - The dreary start to the new year matched the mood of 'Who Dat' nation as the Saints wrapped up another season on the outside looking in at the playoffs.

As the team enters the off-season, a number of questions surround the future direction of the team. From the head coach, to the starting quarterback, and the defense.

For life-long Saints fan Mike Husar, there's no question what needs to be improved.

"Actually like, sign some defensive players maybe? I think that would help," Husar said, "Look, they're playing Atlanta. Atlanta's scoring a touchdown every time they touch the ball. You don't win football games that way. They need some defensive players."

At Trax Bar and Grill in Long Beach, fans of the black and gold gathered in their team gear, hoping for just one more win. But even if that didn't happen, they say they'll still return to cheer on their team next season.

As for head coach Sean Payton, Husar has some thoughts.

"They should keep him, they should keep him. Sign him for life," Husar said.

In regards to Drew Brees, Husar's opinion is the same.

"Keep him. Sign him. At least two, three more years. He's only 37, he could play until he's 40 easy. He never gets hurt," said Husar.

The Saints finished the season with a 7 and 9 record for the third straight year.

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