Anxiety rises among Gulfport flood victims

Anxiety rises among Gulfport flood victims

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Although there have been no reports of any homes or businesses being flooded in recent heavy rain, the threat affects those who were impacted by floods in April.

Fortunately, the water is going in the right direction as of now - away from Faust Drive.The creek that carries it was cleared out in August 2016, in hopes it wouldn't flood the neighborhood again.

It gives nearby residents a little comfort, but not much.

"I still do get scared because, you know, who wouldn't if you just got flooded," said 15-year-old Joshika Barton, who lives on Faust Drive with her family.

The Barton family has fixed most of the physical damage from last April's flood, but emotional damage remains.

"I get scared a lot because you know we live beside the gutter right here. We had never been through a flood, so we didn't know how to recover from a flood," said Joshika. "So, it was kind of harder on my part."

Vanessa Marble had about 2 feet of water push into her Wingate Subdivision home in 2016. Scars still remain, and not just the ones on her home.

Now, she's always on alert.

"Those kind of things just....traumatize you," said Marble. "It's nothing like Baton Rouge or any other heavy hurricane, but at the same time, just that small event can really just change your whole outlook on weather..."

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